Custom Music for Videos

Stop searching for music and let it come to you.

Searching for music on stock music sites takes time and effort. Time that you could dedicate to your content. Our musicians send custom music samples to you instead of making you do the legwork.

You don't need to edit your videos to fit the music.

Custom music is uniquely created to fit the video's content and length and ensures that it is properly enhanced to influence your audience.

Let musicians compete…

Our projects are like contests. Musicians worldwide provide short samples of custom music to audition for the chance to create music for your video.


Great for people on a budget.

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Great for people looking for the best value.

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Only the most accomplished musicians will participate.

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Audition musicians from around the world.
Custom music to fit your video.
Full synchronization and master rights for the music created for your video.
Music is attached to your video.
Separate high-quality audio files included.
Money-back Gaurantee.
Experienced professional.
Accomplished industry professional.

Money-back Guarantee

If after auditioning the music, you don’t like the what you’ve received, we will give you 100% of your money back. No questions asked.

Get the music your video deserves!

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